Saturday, January 24, 2009

We were sooo wrong...

Well - Kate sure slept well - until 6am. Good for her! The problem this time was Connor. We put him in his bassinet downstairs so Kate wouldn't wake him up early. Even without little Missy squawking next to him in the crib - he decided to wake up at 4:48am (not that I'm counting). I was able to hold him off until 6:45am with a pacifier - but that meant I was up for 3 hours (by the time I got through feeding him). Thank goodness for the Australian Open being on in the middle of the night... we were able to watch most of the Gasquet/Gonzalez 5 set match.

The idea of me getting MORE sleep certainly backfired last night. Thank goodness for Hugh getting up and taking the babies until 10am.

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