Friday, June 3, 2011

Kylie is 8 months old

Kylie is 8 months old now. I must have waited till too late tonight to take her "monthly birthday" pictures - because it was soooo hard to get a smile out of this little tyke.

Kylie is doing great. She loves music and loves flapping her legs (wildly) up and down to the beat of music. I might just end up calling her thumper! We've had to drop the mattress int he crib down quite a bit since she is moving around a lot more.

She has a few favorite toys - but it's hard to keep Kate or Connor from stealing them from her. I typically try to keep her most prized toys in the crib with her when she is awake (so they can't be confiscated by a fast two and a half year old). Kylie loves her stuffed bunny, her stuffed little lamb, and especially an old car that the twins had that plays the song "Won't You Take Me to Funky Town?" (by the band Lipps if you must know).

Bit still, the biggest entertainment for Kylie is bouncing her on your knee and singing "Here comes Kylie riding in to town, here comes Kylie don't fall down, here comes Kylie riding in to town, here comes Kylie - - OOPS - - fall down." A close second is the Noble Duke of York song. But truly - she just loves being held and snuggled.