Friday, January 2, 2009

ABC and hearing GREAT news!

We took the twins to Atlanta Bread Company today. Nanna and I met up with Aunt Shirley, Uncle Michael and Cousin Lauren. Note to self: It's hard to unload twins from a car when it's raining outside. To hold a door open, open up an umbrella AND lift a baby car seat is no small feat. Then, repeat to do it all over again. Someone's gonna get wet!

We had a nice lunch of french onion soup (on a COLD, wet winter day) and sandwiches. Fortunately, Kate and Connor slept through everything since they had a nice lunch before we left home.

Before we were to leave, I made a quick bathroom break and came back to see Hays at our table. Since I saw she has just called on my cell phone too - I was very curious as to why she was there. She had a big grin on her face and told me she had some news to share.... she is 5 weeks pregnant! She just found out today! I'm so excited that Hunter is going to be a big brother and that Hays and David will get to add another baby to their awesome family. Yeah!!!! I re-read some of my pregnancy web sites to remind myself how tiny her baby is. It's the size of a sesame seed - but it's heart is getting ready to beat. And I know Mom and Dad's hearts are beating harder now too!

Back at home, we shared the news with Daddy and he was certainly very happy for Hays and David too. Connor and Kate celebrated by spending some quality tummy time :-)
Of course - the twins needed to eat again too - since we had already had our lunch, so Lauren and Nanny helped out with feeding duties. Last feed for Nanna as she and Poppa have to head back to Miami in the morning. Uh-oh for me!!!

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