Friday, January 9, 2009

Double Trouble - more twins!!!

Melissa (from our Breastfeeding class for Moms) and I met for lunch at the West Egg. Melissa and I connected during our class last September for several reasons. First - both of us showed up without our husbands, we had both been married for quite a while, we were both having boy/girl twins - and mostly - she was just nice.

Melissa ended up delivering two perfect babies - Jackson and Olivia - 10 days before Connor and Kate came along. She shared a fabulous story about her husband almost missing their delivery due to being arrested ON THE WAY TO THE HOSPITAL for an expired license and tag. Can you imagine the horror?? I think she's laughing about it now - but I bet it was a mess that morning!!!

We both bragged on our awesome babies and looked through all of the cute photos we had. Mostly, though, we realized that we are both going through something so similar and both trying to keep level heads about it. It was so assuring to know that we both had troubles with breastfeeding (despite all of Madeline's terrific encouragement), were working through sleeping and eating schedules, and just trying to balance time for ourselves with the time that twins demand. It was a terrific lunch and we want to make sure we get together every 3 months or so. I can't wait... next time our twins will be 6 months old!

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