Friday, August 29, 2008

No news is good news

Week 28, day 5

No news is good news. Hugh and I went to the Doctor on Friday and all seems to be progressing fine. Anyway, the twins are both still actively kicking throughout the day (and night) - so I know that's a good sign. No blood pressure issues or any other health concerns for me to watch out for.

I've now gained 32 lbs - which seems to be tracking with the 40 - 50lbs that they said I would gain. My tummy isn't measuring any further "out" from last time, but rather I seem to be spreading sideways. Maybe that explains why my ribs are aching so much.

Doctor Henke let Hugh use the doppler to listen to the babies' heartbeats. The little boy's heartbeat was in the 130s and the little girl's was in the 150s. We don't get any update on their estimated weights until the end of next week. Yes - we are now up to the time for biweekly visits (rather than monthly).

This coming week they will schedule a deliver date for late October. That assumes, of course, that the twins cooperate and stay in where they are supposed to!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

August Doc Appointment at MFS

26 weeks and 4 days

We had a Doctor's appointment at the high risk doctor today. While I don't love going to the high risk doctor, I love that we get to see lot's of pictures of the babies.