Sunday, September 27, 2009

The twins are 11 months old today

Where is time going? The twins are 11 months old today. Every week, we think "this is the best week," and then they do something new and amazing.

This past week, Kate was letting go of things and finding her balance standing alone. Then, all of a sudden, she started walking on her own. So fun to watch and see her at this milestone. Connor is now beginning to let go a little bit. He's a couple of inches taller, so there is more to balance! I'm sure he'll be ready to walk within a month or so.

They are eating most everything these days (except milk, egg whites and citrus). Only a month before we take away those limitations too. We're now down to 2 good napes a day. The twins wake up around 7:30am, and then have an 8 oz. bottle and breakfast (pancakes, waffles, turkey sausage, fruit or yogurt). At 10am, they take a nap until noon. Then, they have another bottle and then lunch (chicken, veges, noodles and fruit). After a mini-snack at 3pm (cheerios or rice crispies), they nap until 5:30pm. After another bottle and dinner (pretty much what ever we're eating unless it's salad), they play with us until bedtime at 8:30pm. Not a bad routine for twins or Mom and Dad.

Kate is usually in a pretty good mood, but will cry if she thinks she isn't getting enough attention. She'll actually cry even more when we change her diaper. She can wriggle so much, it's hard to actually get the diaper on her. Kate has also recently fount that she can shriek - for no reason what so ever. I think she just enjoys hearing her own noises.

Connor is the perpetual snuggle-bunny. He's an easy going little boy, especially if he gets lots of snuggles. What can be wrong with that? I still think he may be a lefty - but time will tell. He still looks so much like Hugh - it's fun to see him in Hugh's lap. His hair certainly has curls, but when he gets hot and sweaty, the curls come out all over.

Just a month from now, we'll be celebrating their first birthday. Hugh and I pinch ourselves every day just thinking how lucky and blessed we are.

Up at tennis today

We spent time up at the courts today watching my tennis team play. Check out our new side by side umbrella stroller... much more convenient to push the twins around in!

Since I forgot all of the babies toys, we decided that plastic cups and oranges would be our toys. That worked for more than an hour... not bad improvising.

Playing with Marilyn's dog Larry was a nice distraction too. It seems like they might like dogs (after playing with Buddy and Beau on Saturday).

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Spending the day with the rellies

Aunt Shirley was sweet enough to help take Kate and Connor for the afternoon. It was great practice for us to figure out how to pack up both pack-n-plays, food, toys, lovies, etc. We also put the new car seats in to service, since KAte and Connor have now officially outgrown their first car seats.

Kate and Connor had a great visit. Uncle Michael taught Connor about watching football on Saturdays - and that we a big hit. Cousins Lauren and Kevin jumped in and played with them too. Beauregard was visiting with Buddy (Beagles) and the kids seemed to like being around the dogs too (after an initial whimper)

All told - a great day until the ride home. For some reason, Connor got car sick and yacked in his brand new car seat. A good way to break it in I guess.

Friday, September 25, 2009

She did it!

Kate tried her first few steps last night! She's been practicing balancing and standing up on her own without holding on for a while. This morning - she's doing it again. Now, let the races begin!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rainy Sunday

We were hanging out inside today due to the monsoon going on outside. Kate and Connor have now grown in to their really cute onesies that Aunt Anne got for them earlier this year.

Check out Kate's new "face" that she makes. She scrunches up her nose and looks at you. It's so cute and it makes me laugh (which probably makes her do it even more!)

Now if anyone ever wonders why we can't get much done during the day, you'll understand when you look at these pictures. Hugh is on the phone trying to organize Miss Shirley to come over tomorrow (Tracy has pink eye). Meanwhile, though, Kate and Connor decide to gather around and "chat" with him. How can you get anything done with these little cuties looking up at you???

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Speed dial: 800-221-2222

I guess I should put that number on speed dial for us. It's the poison control number and we had to call it tonight. We had to call poison control earlier this summer when Connor decided to taste a Peace Plant. Tonight, it was Kate who found the stick of Banana Boat SPF 50 Sunscreen and decided it might taste good. cheeky monkey even took the top off before she dug her teeth in to the stick.

Fortunately, the poison control people are really nice (and calm) and told us not too worry too much and just give Kate some yogurt.

Do you think they keep track of who calls to often and turn us in to DFACS? I hope not!

A fork in the road

Actually, it's a fork on the high chair. I tried to get Kate and Connor to use a fork tonight for dinner. They were having some cheese toast and I decided to stab the toast squares on to little plastic forks and see if the twins would pick up the forks.

Connor figured it out right away. Kate thought she would just take the food off the fork and eat it with her hands. After a little prodding, she caught on too! Now, if I could just get them to figure out how to drink from a cup or even a sippy cup.

Aunt Ruth and Uncle Gar come to visit

It was nice of Aunt Ruth and Uncle Gar to come visit the babies today. While Ruth had popped in for a recent visit, it had been a while since Gar had seen them. They sure had grown.

Ruth understood that the twins are still having stranger anxiety, so she waited a while before approaching Kate and Connor. After a little while, I suggested she get out their favorite blankets and give them "blanket rides." It was a big hit and she quickly became their new best friend. Then we put the blankets in their bouncers and it was another treat for the kids that they loved. Note Connor's head buried in the blanket - he LOVES it!

Not to be outdone, the three boys all visited for a while together, and Hugh showed how Connor likes riding on top of his shoulders. Thanks Ruth and Gar for coming over!

Friday, September 18, 2009


One of the babies tried to actually say "momma" tonight. Connor was having his dinner when he started babbling Mah-Mah-Mah. I'll take that as close enough and say he said Momma. I don't know who was more, or Connor when he saw me so excited.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Is that a KISS on your cheek Kate?

Kate - Is that a lipstick kiss on your sweet little face? Let's look closer. That's not mommy's lipstick. Wait - it's a bite mark from your brother Connor!
Well -in this case well deserved.

I may have mentioned that Kate is trying to rule the roost around here. She takes Connor's toys, his pacifier, his blanket - anything she can get her hands on (including him).

To date, Connor has been very passive and just cried. I guess today was the day. He had had enough. So, he did what any baby or toddler does... he bit her on the face! Thank goodness no skin was broken, but this is a tough way to try to teach them how to "play nice."

How could this sweet little angel be so tough on his little sis???

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It was a LONG day

After a long day, Kate and Connor get cranky. Who doesn't? Thought I'd capture a couple of pictures to remind myself that while they are close to perfect, even they have their moments. Connor started crying, and Kate just decided to join in. neither of them were very convincing to me that a thing was wrong (other than I can't always hold them 100% of the time!).

Don't call DFACS! Withing 5 minutes both were happy again and had forgotten what they were crying about.

Up at the tennis courts

Our last trip (I hope) in our old car seats. These babies have outgrown them (especially Connor and his long legs). We went up to the tennis courts to watch Fall tennis team play a home match.

Kate and Connor were able to hang out and visit with the ladies for a little while. Well, Connor mostly clung to me and watched the ladies, while Kate eventually crawled around and let Veronique hold her. I think she had a lot of fun (Kate AND Vero).

Breakfast and a Bounce

Hugh played tennis this morning, so it was my turn to get up early with the babies. We had egg yolks for the first time today --- along with turkey sausage and whole wheat toast and blueberries. Not a bad pub here!

Then, we had a great time playing in the bouncers. I remember when we first go the bouncers, it was hard to know why people called them "bouncers." Well, the twins never figured out how to bounce in them while they were lying down in them, but they sure love bouncing in them kneeling forward. Not sure it's too safe, so I surround the front with cushions in case (ok, WHEN) they topple over.

Kate is also walking around with her tongue hanging out these days, and both Kate and Connor are loving making raspberry sounds with their lips while they hold their hands in front of their lips. Very funny.

Finally, we had tubbies in the kitchen sink! I couldn't get any pictures (as my hands were full), but it sure is easier than leaning over the bath tub and washing the babies.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day and Birthday Dinner at Shirley and Michael's

We went to Aunt Shirley and Uncle Michale's house to celebrate Shirley's Birthday and Labor Day. It was great to see cousins Kevin and Lauren!

Uncle Michael did an amazing job handling dinner, and the twins were able to eat a little bit of most all of it. They had some steak and some baked potato (ok, and some yogurt too).

Shirley and Connor hit it off and spent a lot of time together. A little tupperware lid to gnaw on, and Connor was Happy As Larry!

Uncle Michael was great in entertaining Miss Kate, as she can be a handful sometimes. She loved playing with him. Maybe he remembers a thing or two from Lauren.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The weekend continues...

We had a good morning playing in Athens. We even had lunch on the patio where we saw 3 deer come right up to the house (1 momma and 2 babies - kind of like us!).

After lunch we played in the basement which was full of toys from Cousin David's days. Actually, there were even things from Hugh's childhood (including one of his favorite books, "Cowboy Christmas").

Finally, it was time to pack up all of the stuff and head home. What a nice visit.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Over the river and through the woods.... Grandmother's house we go. We went to Grandma's house in Athens for the weekend. It was our first overnight trip away from home as a family. Wow - do little kids generate big bags of STUFF to take with you.
We took 2 pack-n-plays, 2 portable high chairs (thanks Tracy!), toys, clothes, diaper bags, food, bottles...oh yeah - and Kate and Connor! You'll see that Kate and Connor aren't missing too many meals, and are happiest when they get to eat everything with their hands.

I think Grandma Jane was VERY happy to see us. She had the house all set up for the kids, with it baby proofed, cleaned and stocked. She's quite some lady. We got a late start in the afternoon (had to coordinate the nap with the drive time). When we got there though, we were happy to settle in and relax.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

She let go!

I wish I had a picture to show you, but the moment was too fleeting. Kate was standing up holding on the the edge of her bouncer when she decided to let go of the bouncer and stand up on her own!
Her little smile was precious, as she knew she must have done something right. But 2 seconds later, she realized that this was a tough act, and she promptly dropped down on her little tush.
Oh so cute!