Friday, January 9, 2009

Flighing High

We had a busy day today. Tracy and I started off with taking the twins to Charlie Brown airport to meet the team at the Hanger. Jennifer was quite insistent that we bring the twins - and now I can see why... she loves babies! After holding Connor for a moment, she picked up Kate and I'm not sure she ever put her back down for a moment. Meanwhile, Connor was happy being passed around person-to-person. Even Bill, Marty and Greg seemed to enjoy holding babies.

While the babies weren't on a jet today (can you imagine baby spit up all over a gorgeous Falcon???) - they know they'd love it (maybe one day MANY years from now).
For now, they seem to be happy just being held out parallel to the ground with their arms stretched out and being "flown" around the room courtesy Mom-power.

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