Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nanna heads home again

Nanna had to head back to Miami today - I guess she has her own life too! It's been great having her here the past 10 days. She always seems to know the right things to say and stays calm when Connor and Kate melt down (every day promptly at 5:30pm). It was a shame that it was sooo cold while she was here. The temps went down to the single digits - the coldest weather in Atlanta in 6 years. And as she says, we all say "it's hardly ever this cold" - except when she is here!

Kate and Connor are doing great learning to see things in their line of sight and are actually starting to grab at toys hanging over them. This morning, we had them "sitting up" facing each other to see if they recognized the other person in their site. We think maybe they think they are looking at themselves??? Either way - it's very cute!

Kate and Connor are "talking" up a storm (especially Kate at midnight). they have also both started drooling and blowing bubbles. I guess we'll be using more bibs and burp clothes soon.

We still can't quite get both kids to sleep until 6am. Connor sleeps like a rock and has to be woken up to eat. On the other hand, Kate always seems to wake up by 4:30 or 5am. I had hoped that would stop before I have to go back to work Monday. Hmmm - she may just have to start crying it out this weekend.

We just scheduled their baptism at the Athens United Methodist Church for February 22nd. I'm excited - but have to start hustling to put together sip-n-see invitations. Should be fun.

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