Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Connor at his first Bible Study

Shirley and Tracy took Kate and Connor to their first Bible Study today. That's so important to us, as that's the connection to how we met Tracy. I heard our babies were Angels! Could you expect anything else?

Thanks to all of the ladies who prayed for Kate and Connor while we were pregnant last year.

Monday, April 27, 2009

We're 6 months old... looking back

I called Hugh this morning at 11:35am to remind him that it was exactly 6 months ago that we were in the Northside OR delivering Kate and Connor. I can't believe it was so long ago. On the other hand - it was just yesterday.

I'm remembering the drive home from the hospital on Halloween night on I285 when Hugh and I were both so nervous. We were now parents! We were so thrilled the first week when Kate or Connor would open their eyes for more than 20 seconds to look around. Then, we were so happy when they could (almost) hold their head still without bobbing around. I seem to recall thinking it was a huge deal when they drank 3 FULL ounces of formula (and we finally stopped tracking formula in milliliters and went to ounces). Next, I remember them smiling at us at Christmas. How our hearts melted.

We eventually learned each baby's voice when they were crying, and started to learn their little personalities and what they each need. For example, Connor is perfectly happy being snuggled leaning against your chest, lying on his back in your arms. Even better, sitting in his Daddy's arms watching tennis on TV. Kate, on the other hand, has to sit up, look out and see the world. Leaning back is no good for her. Kate needs to take breaks while she drinks her bottle; Connor is upset if you take the bottle away for even one moment.

They amazed us when figured out how to roll over from back to front, and then front to back. We love it when we go in to the nursery in the morning and they both great us with HUGE smiles and stomping of their feet with glee to see us. They both now grab toys at will and choose what they want to play with. Kate loves anything musical, including her musical fish and little piano. Connor has 2 loose curls starting on the right side of his head (maybe they'll turn in to ringlets like his Dad when he was little).

This past weekend, the twins started scooting backwards a few feet at a time - so they are no longer where we put them down. They have even started pushing up on all fours - so crawling isn't too far off. Both babies have had their first head "boinks." Connor - when he rolled off the quilts on to the hardwood floor, and Kate when she was trying to sit up, but slumped over and did a face-plant on her cheek. Today - on their 6 month birthday - they both have a bottom tooth coming in.

So many memories. So little time has passed, yet so much has happened. I'm humbled with the love and blessings that we have been given by these precious souls being brought in to our lives. I have more faith because of the miracles that they are, and I need more faith because I want to protect them from all harm.

To all parents and loved ones - please join me in a prayer of thanks and praise.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dress Rehearsal

Tracy tried on our outfits for the upcoming pictures with Miss Amy this weekend. don't we look handsome? Thanks to Karen B. for the precious outfits!

Up on all fours

Both babies are doing a great job scooting around the floor. Mostly - they scoot backwards (3 feet within a minute or two) - so now we have to watch them much closer. I was at the PC in the kitchen today and heard a little thump in the family room. It was Connor who had backed up about 4 feet and was UNDER the glass coffee table.

Connor decided today was the day to show us he could get up on all fours. Kate is trying it too, but I couldn't get the camera in time. Just a matter of time before these kids are really motoring along!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

New foods: peas and apples

We tried Gerber's rice and apple cereal this morning... a big hit. Then, I got out the food grinder that Ms. Lael gave me at our baby shower and used it to make fresh pea puree. Better yet - Kate and Connor even seem to like the peas I made (ok, I mixed them with rice cereal to dilute the taste a little).

Staying drool free

Ms. Amy was coming to take our 6 month photos later this morning, so in order to try to stay clean, I kept the babies playing in just their diapers. Yes, you heard me right. We don't have enough photos of these babies, so I've hired Amy to take yet MORE of them.

Since they were Fall/Winter babies, I haven't had much of a chance to see their skin and how cute their little toes are (we always have socks or sleep-n-plays on). And, Kate just loves being naked!

Big bath for the big babies

Today was the first time that I gave Kate and Connor their bath in the BIG bath tub. While they both seemed to love it (and splashed a lot), you wouldn't know it by their expressions! It's hard to make sure the babies are safe AND grab the camera - so we get what we get on these photos.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A year ago...

A year ago today, we had an ultrasound of the twins. We saw that they were healthy and wriggling and were all of 1.5 inches long! We didn't even know that they were a boy and a girl yet. How things have changed in one year.

Dress Rehearsal

Tracy tried on our outfits for the upcoming pictures with Miss Amy this weekend. Don't we look handsome? Thanks to Karen B. for the precious outfits!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Horsing around

Before I headed off to work this morning, I had Kate and Connor in the breakfast room playing. When I went to get my cereal, I heard laughing. By the time I came back (10 feet away), I heard tears. Poor little Connor was being abused by Kate putting her fingers in his mouth and then by pulling on his ears. She probably considers it payback from him chewing on her hair in the crib last night.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Trading Spaces

I know you think this post is about the TLC show - but it's not. Ever since the twins have been in their crib, Connor always goes down on the left side, and Kate on the right. When I went in to the nursery this morning to get them - they had flipped ends of the crib! Hope there are no bruises from this active night.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rainy Sunday morning

What could be better than just hanging out with Kate and Connor in the morning? We had fun playing on the floor. I especially love the outfit that Connor is wearing since it is yellow and green froggies - so it matches the nursery.

I went through their HUGE stash of clothes this morning and forced myself to part with bags of precious little outfits that they have now outgrown. It kills me to give away their little Taggies turquoise and pink striped tops with matching spotted paints. So - cute - but time for someone else to enjoy them. It makes you have the moment of "uh no - they are growing up!"

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kelly and Rick come to see us...

We knew someone fun was coming over since Mommy dressed us up today --- twice!

I dressed Kate and Connor this morning in cute little outfits. I'm soooo efficient. Dress them once - and we're ready for the day. What part of my brain didn't kick in to realize that they would spit up and drool all over their outfits during the day??? So, at 6pm, we were changing outfits again. While I think it's good fun to play with my "dress up dolls," Connor, and especially Kate hate having shirts put over their heads. I try to distract them by making them think it's a game of peek-a-boo, but they are too smart for that.

Anyway - Kelly is a natural with babies. At first, I though Kate might be starting with stranger anxiety again, but after 10 seconds of shrieking when she saw Kelly, she then settled down and was ready to charm her. Kelly was ready to take both babies on and juggle them (even with beverages too - but those pics are for me).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A three course meal

Today is the first time that it seems that Kate and Connor had a real dinner. They had milk (formula) first. Then, we had some sweet potatoes mixed with a little rice cereal. Then, for dessert we had a little mashed banana with formula. OK - nothing gourmet - but when you realize these babies haven't experienced much else in the way of taste, it's a big step.

Tax Deductions!

Today is income tax day and we have 2 extra specially cute tax deductions! I still don't think that offsets the cost of diapers and formula - but it's all worth it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Boo boo

We had our first boo boo today. While cutting fingernails, little Kate had her thumb cut. If only she didn't wriggle quite so much! After a little bleeding and lot's of hugs - Kate was fine. Mostly, Connor was jealous that HE wasn't getting all of the hugs.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Working it all off

After eating our dinner, we put Kate and Connor in the Johnny Jump-Up. Connor finally figured out how to push off (rather than just spin around) - so that was fun to see. Kate had a great time too.

The papparazzi won't leave

Hard to imagine, but after everyone left today, I was worried I didn't have the right photos to capture the day. How can that be with over 300 photos taken on my own camera (I had to clear the flash card 3 times)??? Anyway - here are some shots I love. Check out the little bunnies that we received as shower gifts. PERFECT for Easter.

Easter and the gang's all here...

Hugh's family came over for Easter lunch and we had a nice time passing the babies around. Gar, Ruth and David came, as well as Anne and Patrick, as well as Jane and Martha. A full house indeed. Connor picked today to show that he could hold the bottle totally on his own while he had his lunch. Cute!

We timed it just right, so that the babies could visit with everyone while we had appetizers, and then they napped while we ate. Right as we were done with dessert, Kate and Connor woke up again to play for a while before everyone had to leave.

It's EASTER morning!

We read our first Easter book today (thanks Aunt Shirley).

Then we spent the morning getting ready for the O'Farrell part of the clan to come over and share the afternoon.

While I cooked, Kate and Connor decided to chew on their silver teethers. What lucky babies to have such nice keepsakes...thanks Carol!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Countdown

We're getting ready for Easter! Hugh's Mom came to spend the weekend with us and it's been so nice to have her here to visit and to help with Kate and Connor. It takes a lot of hands to deal with these pun'kins somedays!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Meeting up with Melissa

Melissa and I met again for lunch. We met in breast feeding class at the end of September, and then met for lunch back in January. We thought we'd try to get together every three months and compare how each of our sets of boy/girl twins are doing.

I was able to bring Kate and Connor, but it was too hectic that day for Melissa to bring Jack and Olivia. It worked out pretty well, since Kate was being a pickle and wouldn't stop squawking. Fortunately, you can't phase Melissa and she jumped in to action holding Connor while I tended to Kate.

We want to get back together in mid-July. We're hopeful we can have a picnic near Northside Hospital and then bring the twins to meet Madeline (our breast feeding coach). I bet she'd love to see all of the babies together!

Checking In

We're 8 weeks and 4 days

Just making sure the babies are perfect...

We slept all through the night

It's a milestone! Kate and Connor slept from 8:30pm all the way til 7:20am last night! I've been working on weaning them down from the night time feed - and it finally worked. How nice to be able to go to bed without worrying about waiting up to feed them.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's fun to be a twin

Kate and Connor were just hanging out today in these terrific colorful outfits. It always brings a smile to me to see them in these precious sleep and plays that Tisha gave to us.

Just hoping they fit for a few more weeks. I want the babies to grow, and at the same time, I can't believe they've already grown so much.

Kate is LOVING anything musical these days. She loves playing this "piano" (and of course, her favorite musical fish).

Connor is content to just kick, wriggle and chew on the big colorful teether.