Thursday, January 1, 2009

Down goes the Christmas Tree

Fortunately - the tree didn't fall down (we'll wait for that for another year). This year, it was just Nanna and I taking down the first Christmas tree that Connor and Kate certainly never even noticed! Even if they didn't notice - we had several ornaments on the tree just for them. Grandma gave Kate and Connor their very own personalized snow globes, and Lark and Dan gave them their very own sterling silver First Christmas mugs. Oh so very cute.

I had a chance to get back on the tennis courts today. After about 15 months of NOT playing at all due to these perfect little babies - it was time for me to get back on the court. Thankfully - Nanna and Poppa helped by watching the twins so I could escape, I mean get out, for 2 hours.

Hey - did I tell you that these are the CUTEST babies EVER??? I'm not BIASED or anything, they just are the CUTEST! Kate is the Future Millionaire and Connor was Born to be Wild! If you don't beleive it - just read it right there on their bibs.

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