Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Time for sensible shoes

Week 24, day 3

Just a minor check up today. Good news is that the babies heartbeats are strong and the Doctor thinks I'm doing well. My blood pressure has remained good too. I'm measuring 30 inches (as if 30 weeks for a singleton). So - I look like I'm 7.5 months pregnant, when in fact I'm only 6. Ouch. To play the part, I even gave in and bought "sensible" flat shoes this week.

Doctor Henke today was asking today about having a scheduled delivery. I told her we were up for what ever they said (but it sure does sound nice and gentile).

Today was the blood glucose test. While we don't know the results for a little bit, I can confidently say drinking all that sugar water makes me feel yuck. Who ever decided that this was a good idea?

Hugh had a chance to feel the babies kick this past weekend. That was a lot of fun for us and helps make it real.

Anyway - thought you'd want to know the latest on your soon to be niece and nephew or grandbabies!

With love,

PS - Noisey has been rallying this week and trying to eat again. At 17 years old, we're not sure how much longer he can make it - but he is being very sweet and loving.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Northside Hospital tour

Week 23, Day 2

Hugh and I took the Northside Hospital tour today. It was a special tour for high risk moms. We had 5 couples in the tour. Four of us were having twins, and 1 couple had a little boy who had encephalitis. So sad to know that she has so much to worry about already. We are the least far along. One of the ladies is 32 weeks with twins. She looks terrific, but can't believe she waited so long to take the tour.

Hugh noted that most of the couples were young enough to be HIS children. I guess we need to get used to be older parents. It won't be the last time we think that to ourselves.

As we took the tour, we saw the labor and delivery rooms (hope to skip that for a C-Section) and the transitional care area. We saw a baby that had just been born brought in to transitional care. So amazing and so small! While we were listening to the nurse give the overview, I saw them give the newborn baby a heel stick to get some blood. Am I the only one who boo-hoos for someone ELSE's baby getting stuck with a needle? I guess I'm just overly emotional these days.

Finally, the nurse eyes my heels and asks me why I'm not wearing flats? I said that "What to Expect When You're Expecting" says that low heels are ok. In a funny voice, she asks me if I think that book was written for people having one baby or two??? Got it - message sent and received.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We're 1 pound, 3 oz and WIGGLING

22 weeks and 4 days

We had another Doctor's appointment yesterday and both babies were really moving a lot. The intent of the visit was mostly just to catch a few anatomical angles that they couldn't catch last time (the babies don't seem to like to show their fingers or toes on camera very much!).

This visit both babies were kicking up a storm. The little girl even had her foot in the little boy's face - kind of cute. They are now about 1 lb, 3oz each - so growing nicely. The little boy is still breach - that hasn't changed in 10 weeks. I'm starting to think he won't flip - but I guess there is plenty of time (just less and less room).

My blood pressure remains good, and they seem pleased with my weight gain so far. Bottom line - all is good and the babies are healthy. Doc chuckled when I said my back was hurting when I walked. I think he was thinking "duh - you're pregnant with twins."