Friday, January 9, 2009

Foot prints on my heart

Tonight, Kelly S. came over to visit with us. We took a ton of photos and a good amount of video. Is the video worth a flip? I doubt it. Mostly, Kate and Connor were doing tummy time and squawking. True to form, when I had the video camera OFF is when the neat things happened. Connor grasped the rattle for the first time AND he rolled over again from his tummy to his back. Kelly helped him prop up on his elbows first, but still - he rolled over. Fun to see (oh wait - I didn't see it... I was in the kitchen fixing a bottle). Oh well - he'll do it again soon enough.

Finally before we gave the babies their bathes, Kelly helped me get brightly colored footprints of the twins for their scrapbooks. I've been dying to do this for a few weeks now - so was so pleased that it was easy (and turned out great).

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