Monday, March 30, 2009

Baggie comes to visit

Tracy's Mom "Baggie" (don't ask me!) wanted to come meet Kate and Connor today. Though I was away, I heard they had a great time visiting.

Seems that Baggie loves babies as much as Ms. Tracy does. Connor figured that out right away to ensure maximum cuddles. They even had a chance to take the twins out to Panera Bread to show them off a little. Who couldn't love these little pun'kins!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

What happened to SPRING tennis?

We had a SPRING ALTA tennis match today. While I'm finally back in the swing and playing, I didn't put myself in the line up this week. I thought I would just take the babies and and visit with the ladies. I knew it wouldn't be warm - but I didn't think it would be cold, overcast and windy. Yuck! Poor little Kate and Connor didn't even have hats on, so we had to use their really soft, fuzzy burp clothes as make-shift hats. Fortunately, some of the ladies brought blankets that we all huddled under.

Friday, March 27, 2009

We're 5 months old!

Connor and Kate turned 5 months old today.

We're now in size 3 diapers. While we still have bottles 5 times a day, we've also added cereal in the morning and evening. They eat rice cereal, Oatmeal, Mixed cereal, and oatmeal with bananas. In the next few weeks, we'll start adding squash, sweet potatoes and carrots. With all of this food - they keep growing. Connor is in 6 - 9 month outfits, while Kate is in mostly 6 month outfits.

Connor's hair is a little lighter, and Kate's hair is darker and much thicker. Maybe I can even start putting little bows in her hair. It seems that their eyes are both probably going to stay blue.

Both babies can now roll from front to back and back to front. Sometimes, Connor rolls over multiple times (and then seems amazed that he's not where he started). They both smile and giggle and have fun playing peek-a-boo. Connor smiles more often, whereas Kate seems much more deliberate and reserved.

Here are the previous months pictures so you can see how much they've grown!

I was wearing a black shirt in our February 27th photo.

I'm wearing a blue sweatshirt in the January 27th 2009 photo at 3 months...

Here's the December 27th photo where I'm wearing Royal Blue...2 months.

Compare that to the November 27th photo at Thanksgiving where I'm wearing a green sweater and then...

...the October 27th photo from Northside Hospital in the Operating room.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dress up time

I went shopping at "Kindermart" last weekend and just can't help playing dress up with Kate and Connor. I can't even believe I bought more clothes when we already have so many - but they are just soooo cute!

While it's true I didn't like playing with dolls as a little girl, I sure like playing dress up with my real life dolls.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My precious dolls!

Nothing to say but....."oooooh - so cute!"

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hanging out

Just another day in paradise! No special occasion - just getting some new photos.

Connor's "happy fella" personality is coming through, whereas Kate is more reserved. Both are perfect to us!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Up at the tennis courts

Monique, Portia and I have been organizing the Rally For The Cure for the past few weeks and today was the event. PERFECT Spring weather - sunny with a high of about 70 degrees.

If you look closely, you can see that the twins really were at the tennis rally today. OK - the photography isn't great, so you can only see that Hugh had the babies out in the stroller. Poor little Kate simply melted down. We're thinking that she may have allergies since her eyes were running and she was sneezing and just couldn't be comforted at all. So - after a quick visit with friends, Hugh wisely took them back home.

I stayed and played tennis for a while after that. Also - had the chance to meet a new singer XL and his little boy Carson. Very smooth voice (XL that is).

Monday, March 16, 2009

Next size up

Kate and Connor keep growing. Duh - that's what babies do!

This week, we moved Kate and Connor up to size 2 - 3 diapers! With this change, we were finally able to take advantage of the HUGE diaper cakes that Jennifer made for our baby shower. Aren't they cute? They've been great decor until now, but now they're being put to work.

I'm hoping with this change that Connor will be able to stay dry during the night. Since now he's a tummy sleeper (I start him on his back, but he immediately rolls over), he needs a bit more room in the front of his diaper, if you know what I mean.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kate's in a good mood

It's hard to catch Kate on camera in a really good mood - but this morning she really was. Maybe it's because she was wearing Aunt Anne's doll's outfit from many moons ago. Isn't a sweet terry cloth romper?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just hanging out

We were having some tummy time today. The twins are doing really well at rolling from their backs to their tummies. I never seem to tire of watching them play together.

High time for the High Chairs

Hugh set up the high chairs that we received from Grandma and Aunt Anne for Christmas. It's so much nicer to have them up higher where I can reach them more easily. That makes it easier for when I have to wipe all of the cereal off of their chin since they spit 80% of it back out! Oh well - we'll catch on soon.

Kate is doing great. She opens her little mouth and even uses her hand to try to guide the spoon in to her mouth. Yes it's messy - but she seems to like it.

Connor, on the other hand, thinks this is all just play time. He wants to see how much he can dribble on his chin while he gives me the biggest, most precious smile. How could I get upset with that little face!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Kaitlyn was laughing and giggling early this morning. She really seems to like to have her diaper changed!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Playing / Tummy time

These babies love playing together. How nice for us that we don't have to work on finding play dates for them.

Here we are, just hanging out, playing on the floor.

I think I've told you before that Kate loves tummy time... until she doesn't love it. Check out the last 2 shots. She gets REALLY upset, and then plunks her head straight down on the floor. I felt a little bad about taking her picture when she was so upset, but hopefully she won't hate me for it. I'm sure I'll give her OTHER things for that.

Our first 5k - Strides of March

Today was Kate and Connor's first 5k. They had race numbers and everything! OK - Mom, Dad and Grandma did all the work pushing - but Kate and Connor seemed to enjoy it too.

The walk was for the Atlanta Children's Shelter and the route started in midtown and went down to Georgia State, and then came back up Peachtree Street to the North Avenue Presbyterian Church. Turns out - I'm more out of shape than I thought. Oh well - it was lovely 74 degrees and sunny and the twins were a big hit.

Kate also had a chance to meet a "mummy" (from England)...Alison from NAPC and the ACS Board. Alison has Fiona - her almost 7 month old daughter. It looks like Alison knows a thing or two about beautiful little girls.

And Randall was able to snag Rapper T.I. long enough to get his picture taken with his little girl Callie. What kind of cool dad is he???

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Grandma and Noisey come to visit

We're so glad that Grandma has come to Atlanta for the weekend. She gets to see the twins and we get to see Noisey. Oh yeah - we get to see each other too :-)

I concluded that we didn't have nearly enough pictures of the twins, so we set up our trusty black blanket on the baby bouncer to take a few pics.

Before we could even get started - Noisey decided to climb on in for his photo. I don't think he understands that with his black and white tuxedo - that he doesn't show up very well.

Anyway - after getting Noisey out of the bouncer, we were able to get pics of Connor and Kate before they melted down for the evening (our typical 7:15pm routine these days). Aren't they precious when they smile? No wonder I just love capturing these photos.