Monday, June 21, 2010

The REAL Zoo

Some days can feel like we live in the zoo, but today we went to the Atlanta Zoo for real. Seems like a great way to start the summer and a good reason to take a vacation day.

Kate started our a little hesitant around the animals, but she gradually warmed up to them. Connor seemed fascinated from the get go (this, the little boy who continuously growls like a lion and trumpets like an elephant).

The twins actually loved the petting zoo, surprising me a little. I thought for sure that would trigger a melt down, but we were blessed. We petted the goats and the sheep (but took a pass on the pigs who were really dirty). Thanks goodness there was a nearby place to wash your hands afterwards. Petting goats is smelly, dirty business!

We had to go see the Panda bears for sure (since once of our favorite books is "Panda Bear, Panda Bear). Kate and Connor were delighted and squealed with joy - especially when they realized that they were behind glass. SAFE! The littlest panda bear wasn't on display, as they can only display 2 bears at once - but we enjoyed sitting next to the photogenic male panda Yang Yang.

We thought the best way to wrap up the day was to ride the train around the zoo. It was a welcome relief for my feet and to feel the breeze (yes, at 7mph). Better yet, the kids seemed to really enjoy it.

Life is good. We were able to get home with no melt downs and two tired out little ones. Mission accomplished.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Daddy

We had a great Father's Day this year. Kate and Connor are old enough to "sign" the card we got for Dadda.

The were wiggle worms, but they sat still long enough (kind of) for us to get pictures of them wearing their special shirts to celebrate Father's day. After that, though, there was no slowing them down for the night.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Play date with Jack, Olivia and William

I was brave enough to take the twins out for a play date today. Normally, that's not so bad, but being 23 weeks pregnant and going out in the heat - well - it's a little harder than usual - but it was all worth it!
Melissa and I have a special bond with Jacqueline, and we're going to miss her terriby as she gets ready to move to Tennessee next week.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Little girl is perfect

She's doubled in size and is now 1 lb, 6 oz (54%). Her heart was beating 147. All is good!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Visiting Mommy at Work

I hadn't seen the twins enough in the past few days due to some early morning meetings and some late work days. What's a mom to do? Well, I'm lucky enough that Tracy could bring them to come see me at lunch.

We had a great time eating in the cafeteria. Even without bibs and high chairs(both forgotten in the rush), the kids ate pasta with chicken and didn't make too big of a mess.

Then we brought them up to my office to run off a little energy (of which they seem to have a LOT). They loved that Kelly and Tracy let them write on the white boards (and they didn't even get markers all over their outfits either!)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pie-Pie for breakfast

This morning was a cute time at breakfast. Kate and Connor were having pancakes and cantaloupe. Kate loved it and got done early. From there, she insisted on being let out of her booster chair (only so she could climb up on the other breakfast chairs). Look at that little face!

Connor, as usual, was eating slowly. He loved the pancakes, but couldn't be encouraged to eat the melon - much to Hugh's cajoling. Then we realized what was going on. He saw that I was having some pineapple with my cereal. He so wanted to have some of the pineapple, he was trying to talk. He first just said "peez, peez, peez" (translation - please). Since that wasn't working - he expanded his vocabulary a little and said "pie pie." It was so cute - that I ended up giving him another serving of pineapple too.

They are both cuties for sure!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Aunt Anne and Uncle Patrick come to visit

Hugh and I are still looking for a new house to move to. Our house is lovely, but not big enough for our growing brood. Anne and Patrick kindly came over to sit with Kate and Connor while we went out on the hunt.

After quick good-byes (with requisite waving and blowing kisses), Kate and Connor quickly settled in to play with Anne and Patrick. Being wise people, Patrick knew that reading one of our favorite books to the twins would be a hit. As you can see - they climbed right up in to his lap. After a quick read, the kids wasnted their sandals put on (as they think that means they must be going outside to play).
Thanks Anne and Patrick!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

'morning sunshine!

Well - Kate typically wakes up first and is wide awake ready to go. This morning, she just LOVED sitting in an empty box and screaming with delight. Who knows why - but I'm certainly happy.

If only Connor were such a morning baby. He takes longer to wake up and doesn't always start out in the best of moods. Even with some encouragement, there was no getting him to smile for us this morning. Maybe he just needs coffee and doesn't know it yet!