Monday, January 5, 2009

Hang on, help is on the way!

Today, Connor and Kate are 10 weeks old!!!

Tracy was here today and we are so excited. She is smart, organized and a terrific Mom to Shelby and Will. We spent the day together working on learning Connor and Kate's daily routine. We also spent time on other mundane things like how the digital camera and the video-cam work. We have to have the technology to keep documenting these precious babies!

During tummy time this morning, Kate decided to grace us with her new found angelic voice. She gave us several loud coos and oohs and ahhs and it certainly made my heart sing. She seems to wait until the quietest times to try out her little voice on us. Connor has been vocalizing for a few weeks now, so it's nice to see his little sister join in on the fun.

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