Sunday, January 4, 2009

Family lunch

Since Nanna and Poppa are gone, I was back on overnight duty. Hugh took the midnight shift and Kate actually slept all the way to 5:30am... a record for her! It was only tarnished by the fact that Connor decided to wake up at 4:45am. Oh well... as I've said before, night feedings are my favorite time with the babies.

We had lots of family come for lunch today. Was it my awesome cooking? Not this was Costco apps and salads! No - of course everyone came to see Connor and Kate. They'll be 10 weeks old tomorrow. We dressed them up in our cute little Taggies outfits from Nordstrom (that Miss Rebecca bought for us) and were ready to hold court. I couldn't be more proud of these precious miracles.

Grandma was here, as well as Aunt Ruth, Uncle Gar, Cousin David, Aunt Anne, Uncle Patrick and Aunt Ruth. Noisey was here too - since he comes back home to visit with Grandma. Uncle Tom couldn't come because he had another cold. We hate that for him since he loves babies and hasn't met Connor yet (he was in NICU before).

The babies have grown so much since everyone had seen them last in mid-December. Connor flirted with the ladies, and Kate made everyone work before she graced us with her dazzling smile.

Tomorrow is an exiting day, as Tracy starts as our Nanny to the babies. We are really luck to have her joining us. And I'm REALLY happy to have relief to get some sleep after over-nights. It's less than a month before I have to go back to work.

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