Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New tricks - Part 2

Tonight at Dinner, Connor was showing us how clever he is. He now puts his sippy cup back in the correct place on his high chair table. That's a great thing, because it means less milk splashed everywhere. When he kept correctly putting the cup in the right place, we clapped for him. He was SOOOO happy.
He did it again and again - so of course we smiled and clapped each time. Well - if little old Kate doesn't turn around and start clapping too! She was so proud of herself. The trickier part was - when we clapped for her new trick - did she think we were joining her in clapping, or did she think we were clapping FOR her? Either way - both toddlers were very happy tonight.

The cutest Christmas bibs

I've been remiss in showing you how adorable Kate and Connor look in their reindeer Christmas bibs that Aunt Anne (and soon-to-be official Uncle Patrick) gave them before the holidays began. The "ears" are actual a washcloth that pulls out to wipe their hands and faces with.

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Tricks - Part 1

We've been trying to teach Kate and Connor sign language for the word "milk." We've heard sign language can really help little ones to express what they want before they can actually say the words.

So - we looked up the correct gesture (thanks YouTube!) and have been using that sign anytime the twins get milk. Kate had her owns ideas. Instead of using American Sign Language - she used plain old-fashioned sign language. She saw the milk, pointed at it with her finger and shrieked until we gave it to her.
Kate 1, Parents 0.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Shouldn't this be a terrific day? Well it was - but not one without some challenges in the middle.

First challenge - getting the twins dressed and in to what Mom considers suitably cute outfits. Connor was a breeze, but for what ever reason - I couldn't get Kate's little Santa dress on. I was bound and determined to get the darn dress on her. The harder I tried, the more I couldn't get her arm up through the shoulder and sleeve. Hugh helped me and FINALLY we got her dressed. That took so long, that it was actually nap time. So - no presents first thing.

After having lunch, Aunt Shirley, Uncle Michael, Cousins Kevin, Lauren and Uncle Chris came by to visit. They brought a huge wrapped gift box that was for the twins. Kate loved helping tear off the paper, although she wasn't interested (at first) as to what was inside. Connor just observed wide-eyed at all that was going on.

After more assembly than anyone would have ever guessed, Hugh, Chris and Michale assembled the rocking horse. I think we have quite a few years ahead of us for gift "not assembled." When it was ready, Kate wanted on the horse immediately, but Connor was a little overwhelmed by then.

While it was a long day, it was great to be at home with our family. Can't wait to see how next year is!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rob comes to visit

Will had such a great time, that Rob came for the day today to play with the twins. Even though it was really cold (heck, it is almost Christmas!), the sun finally came out and they were able to play outside. Connor is still not loving the swing, but he was happy just to be crawling around. Isn't the hat so cute? Carol knitted that for them last year. Kate was being a diva and didn't want t wear her hat. You know - hat hair???

Monday, December 21, 2009

Will comes to play

Will came to the house today and did a terrific job of entertaining the babies (ok - heck - entertaining ALL of us). Will always comes up with the most unusual ways to play with the twins. This morning - he put them in a laundry basket with a ton of toys and pulled them all around the house. They LOVED it!

Kate and Connor are also LOVING their push/walk toys. The blue hippopotamus and the Tykes Truck are wonderful distractions for the kids. Glad we have 2 of them - less fussing, no waiting!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hunter and Laci come to play

Hays and David came over with Hunter (20 months) and Laci (3 months) to visit. I think Hunter, Kate and Connor will have some fun times ahead of them. I see many play dates together this coming year.

One of the funniest things was that Hunter decided that Kate needed a hug or a kiss or both. That's all new to Kate - and I think she was caught off guard to be chased a little by Hunter. Normally, Kate is chasing Connor - so the tables were certainly turned.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Video of Kate's Finished Hair Cut

Some video of Kate getting with her hair cut completed...

Kate's first "official" haircut

I've trimmed Kate's hair before - but this time she needed a "real" cut. It's been hard to see her beautiful little eyes for the past few weeks due to her being a woolly-bah-lamb.

Several Mom's told me that they take their kids to "Pigtails and Crewcuts." so that's where we headed out to go(in the 39 degree rainy weather, no less). We were able to wait in a kids play room - so I had a chance to capture Kate's "BEFORE" picture. Note the barrette AND the bow to hold back her hair from her face.

We picked out a shiny red fire engine truck (with a loud bell on the front) for Kate to sit in. She hated that and immediately began to bawl. So much for the cute decor winning her over. So - I went to game plan B...graham crackers. The hairdresser spritzed her hair with water (more bawling) and began to cut (yet more bawling). Before we knew it - her cut was over and done with.

When we were finally done - I can't say Kate smiled, but she did stop crying. And doesn't she look cute?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Connor is walking!

Connor has been walking a little bit for a few weeks now - but this week he really decided to put it all together and start walking a lot more. Our own little "Frankenstein" walking around the house. My favorite thing is to see him smile at himself because he knows we are so happy for him.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Visit with Santa - Part II

We had our neighborhood breakfast with Santa today. I've been coordinating it for the neighborhood, so Hugh was left to get the kids fed and dressed by himself this morning. He's such a trouper and loves the twins so much. Kate didn't want anything to do with her tights or barrettes, so I had some last minute fixes to do at the clubhouse to get them all dolled up.

I've been looking forward to this breakfast since last year, and sure enough - we had a blast.
Oh wait - I had a blast. Kate and Connor - not so much.

I think the picture speaks for itself.
I heard that kids will freak out with Santa. It was bound to happen and it did.

Fortunately - we figured out that getting the kids off Santa's lap and then feeding them cinnamon rolls is just the trick to get them in a better mood.

Then again - maybe I scared little Kate too with my antlers??

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thw twins come visit Mom at work

It was so nice to have Tracy bring the kids to work for lunch today. Great news - Connor DIDN'T get car sick. Yay!!!

Kate definitely needed an occasion to wear her little Santa dress! While it's miles too big on her - there is something just so cute about her wearing it.
Rebecca hadn't seen the twins in person for a while - so it was fun to visit with her.

While Kate was showing off and posing for the camera, Connor was feeling a little overwhelmed. Kelly scooped him right up and made sure he was feeling the love.

After a while though, nothing comforts like hugs from Ms. Tracy - and both Kate and Connor decided they needed some extra TLC.