Monday, November 30, 2009

Bye Bye Bottles

Today was the first day where Kate and Connor have to start going "cold turkey" and use sippy cups entirely. No more bottles, as Doc B says it's bad for their teeth. We've been transitioning, but today is the final cut-over.

Let me tell you, Connor was NOT HAPPY with this development early this morning.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bye Bye Formula

Today - we finished the last of our formula. Gone, done, never to be purchased again. On to whole milk (which is a lot heavier to cart home, but a lit less expensive)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kate is better and all is well!

Saturday came and went with absolutely no throwing up. YAY! We can tell Kate is better because her little personality is back. I feel so blessed to have this episode behind us.

Kate has decided that she's really hungry today - so we have lot's of graham crackers as snacks today. Connor has finally figured out how to bite off just a piece of the cracker (vs trying to stuff the whole thing in his mouth). What this means is that I don't have to break the cracker up in to so many little pieces. Yes! Kate is a more delicate eater and has known this approach for quite a while.

Not to be out done, Connor is figuring out how to use the tippy cup. He holds it steadily and is able to drink from it while only having a few little dribbles. Kate tries to do this, but seems to think it's ok to hold the cup upside down. Oh well - we have plenty of paper towels.

These babies are awesome - unless you're trying to get some work done, but they still want a cracker. How can you be upset???

And for those of you who think life is all milk and honey, I can help burst that bubble for you. As precious and as perfect as I think Kate and Connor are - they have their moments. I thought I'd take a few pictures to remember this side of them too.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kate is still sick

For my birthday morning, Kate threw up all over me. Hugh has been dealing with this for days, but I'm just now being admitted to the club of "puke all over my clothes." It was so pathetic. I hate that little Kate is still under the weather.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1 year check up

Thank goodness Kate and Connor had their 1 year check up today. Certainly, it was overdue... but more importantly - little Kate was giving us a scare. She's been vomiting since last Saturday. We hate that she can't tell us what's wrong. She has no fever, but is just lethargic. You know Kate is under the weather when she lets you snuggle her for more than 5 seconds. This week - long snuggles were no problem.

So - the check up. I couldn't go this time as I was out of town on business. So, Hugh and Tracy had the honors.

Connor is now 30 inches tall - 60%. He's just 21 pounds, 8 oz, putting him at a scrawny 40%. Of course, his head remains a big egg... 70%. Overall - Connor is great. OK - WAS great until he got 5 shots today. Ouch!

Kate is now 28 inches tall - 20%. She weighs 19 pounds, 13 oz - 25%. And she must have a lot in the brains dept to, since it's larger at 50%. Kate was feeling poorly to start with - but when she got her shots she was an especially pathetic camper. Doc B thinks that Kate is on the backside of this tummy bug, and we hope she is right.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Uncle Chris and "Uncle" David come over

Uncle Chris was in town from a Contra Dance in town this weekend. He made a stop by to see the twins before he had to head back home to Chattanooga. Kate and Connor were sure glad to see him.

We then receive another call from our dear friend David. He was driving back in town and wanted to come meet the twins. It was so good to see David as he's been fighting to keep his good health. I'm sure being the loving Dad to Eli and Elizabeth (now 12 and 10) helps keep him going.

David was an early Santa, showing up with a Little Tykes Truck and a Leap Puppy Pal named Violet (stay tuned for many pics of her to come). It's our first toy that comes with a USB port to hook up to the internet. After a few minutes on-line, Violet now knows how to say and spell Kate's name, know that her favorite food is a banana and can sing some of her favorite songs. Very cute!

Morning Romp Time

We all got an early start to the day, so we had plenty of time to play after breakfast. This is my favorite time of the day with Kate and Connor, since they are so playful and happy.

Kate was bouncing around as normal. As she threw her head back to laugh, I saw even more of the tops of her 2 new bottom teeth coming in. She's funny. You'd never know she was teething - no drooling, no squawking, nothing! She now has 8 teeth in her sweet smile.

Connor was having a great time too. We were watching a tennis final from Paris, and Connor wanted to watch it with us too. He made sure to take time to play and cruise around the couch while we were hanging out.

As I changed Connor's diaper, a saw a peek of a white tooth in the very back top of his mouth... a molar coming in! With Connor, though, I shouldn't have been surprised at all. He's been drooling like a puppy for days. Now we know why.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weigh in time

While the twins are now a few weeks older than 12 months, I can't wait till later this week when they go for their official one year check up and weight in. So - I weighted them this morning (on my Wii Fit). Kate is 23 pounds, and Connor is 23.7 pounds.

Last canister of formula

Today, I opened the last canister of formula we'll ever use. Exciting and sad at the same time. We've been weening Kate an Connor off formula and on to cows milk. So far, no problems what so ever.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

More teeth for Kate!

Kate now officially joins her brother Connor in having 8 teeth. The two bottom ones came in this week. You barely even notice when Kate's teeth come in - no crying or fussing at all.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jacqueline and William come to visit

Jacqueline is a very special lady who is dear to us. She was our angel nurse who helped us to have Kate and Connor. Since then, she received her own little blessing too - William.

William is just 6 months old and he's already a lady killer. He has the most beautiful big brown eyes. Hugh and I were very impressed how he played nicely by himself for 20 minutes at a time. Amazing - since in our home the twins fuss if they are not the center of attention or being held. Note to self: we need to work on that!

Kate and Connor thought all the activity was all mildly interesting, but watching 2 new mom's chat about kids didn't entertain them nearly enough - so they scurried around and made trouble. It's not nice to have your 1 year old girl try to steal the pacifier of her own brother AND our little guest - but that's exactly what Kate wanted to do. Finally we found 3 pacifiers so everyone had one and there was peace at last.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Last stop down

Today, Hugh dropped the cribs to their lowest slot down. Since Kate and Connor are getting pretty active, we thought we'd try to stop them from climbing out while we weren't looking. Hard to imagine that they used to be in the same crib and not move even a few inches while they slept.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Up to the park

After lunch, Tracy and Will bundled up and took the twins up to the local neighborhood park today. It was cold at first, but they bundled up and the sun was shining.

Kate still loves the swing, but it turns out Connor still isn't a fan. It's interesting, though, that he LOVES being tossed up in the air and riding down the slide in Tracy's lap. No logic - it just is.

Will - Photographer extrodinaire!

Will came to see the twins today and he has decided he really likes photography. I think he got some very artistic looking shots of the twins during breakfast... especially the one of Kate.