Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Night

I guess this isn't our "first" Halloween with the twins, but it's the first one that wasn't a total blur. Last year, we came home from the Hospital with our then 5 day old babies at 9pm on Halloween night.

This year, I thought it would be cute to dress Kate and Connor up. I got the most precious costumes for them.

Connor was dressed up a Pooh Bear (with Pooh being in a bee costume). Kate was dressed as Hunny Pot. Cute, right? Well cute only in concept.

The twins absolutely HATED being in their costumes. Kate immediatley WAILED when I put her in her little outfit. The only way I could distract her at all was by giving her my Blackberry to hold. Connor at least had the courtesy to wait 30 seconds before he went teary eyed.

It seemed like such a good idea! Maybe next year they'll be more interested (wouldn't be hard).

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One Year Old - looking back

A year ago today we began a special journey. Hugh and I feel privileged to have Kate and Connor in our lives.

Yes, life is much more hectic - but it's filled with much more love and meaning. Look how much they have grown in the past year!

The twins are on great schedules as far as eating and sleeping. They go to bed at 8pm, and sleep until 7:30am, and still take 2 two hour naps. We still give them 3 8 or 9 oz bottles each day, but now it's half formula and half whole milk. They also eat a full breakfast, lunch afternoon snack and dinner. They eat pretty much anything we do, except no peanuts or shellfish.

Kate has such the little personality. I said she was high energy and she is always on the go. If I recall correctly, it was Baby B (Kate) that was always kicking and moving while I was pregnant. These days, she's still able to take charge of the situation with Connor since she is a few weeks ahead of him in walking. Kate loves to walk over, grab what ever toy Connor is playing with, and walk away with it (only to discard the toy in 2 seconds). She also chases Connor around and tackles him when she catches up to him. We've tried to tell her that paybacks will be bad on this front.
Kate is also a great little eater (and FAST too). She'll eat pretty much anything you put on her plate (except kiwis and oranges). She recently realized that if she doesn't want to eat something, that she can fling it over to Connor's high chair. In return, she has also figured out how to grab food off his plate. Cheeky monkey.

Connor is so different. He is calm and seems to be thinking through everything before he does it. He's more tentative and wants to watch activities before they unfold. He loves being tossed around in the air and upside down, but still doesn't like to ride in the swing.
Connor is turning in to something of a more picky eater. He eats very slowly, and waits to see if any better food is coming along before he begins eating. While he eventually eats most things, he still doesn't like limas, green beans or turkey. Go figure!
Connor is still appearing to be a lefty - so I'll be interested to see if that stays as he grows up (it would make him a great doubles tennis player!)

We haven't gone to their 1 year well check up appointment yet, so I'm not exactly sure of their height and weight. It seems that Kate is still a little more petite in height and weight, while Connor is closer to average or taller on height and on the slim side. Kate is wearing 12 month clothes, whereas Connor is starting to now wear 18 month closes too.

Send lot's of love and prayers to our family as we grow together.

First Birthday evening

Kate is such a go-go-go girl. She was playing tonight and just toddling all over the place. The little girl can't sit still! She always has things to do (music to play, songs to dance too, furniture to re-arrange, toys to knock over) - she just has so much energy! It's good fun,unless you try to hold her still to get a hug longer than 5 seconds. As Miss Shirley says, "she's her own little person!"

Connor had a great time tonight showing us again how he can now walk. He starts from holding on to the couch and then walking over to Hugh or me. He is certainly his Daddy's boy - as the biggest smile you'll ever see on Connor's face is when Hugh is playing with him. Very sweet!

For dinner, we decided they should have their favorite foods (so certainly no lima beans). We gave them whole wheat banana pancakes and turkey sausage. I think that was a hit, since there wasn't much food left in the sides of the high chair or on the floor. Hard to call these babies spoiled, but tonight - they had exactly what they liked.

First Birthday morning

I couldn't help myself this morning. I went in to Kate and Connor's room and sat in the rocking chair and just watched them sleep. It is hard to remember a year ago and how tiny they were and how big they already are after just one year. It was a sweet way to start they day since I was able to kiss each one good morning in their cribs and wish them each happy birthday.

Tracy brought them sweet presents (a nurf-style ball, and a helicopter that sings songs about numbers and colors).

Of course, the funniest thing was to watch to see if Kate and Connor could figure how why or how to open the wrapped presents. True to what I always heard, they were more interested in the wrapping paper and box than the toys (at least to start).

I was able to spend a little extra time snuggling with them this morning before work. How can these little pun'kins be a year old already?

Monday, October 26, 2009

He did it!

Connor took his first steps tonight! He has been "cruising" around for quite a while - but tonight he decided to let go and take a few steps. He was so proud of himself (as he should be)!

I think we're in for double trouble!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Our FIRST Birthday Party

We celebrated the twins birthday today so we could have over family and loved ones. Granma Jane, Aunt Ruth, Uncle Gar, Cousin David, Aunt Anne, Uncle Patrick, Aunt Martha, Aunt Shirley, Cousin Lauren, Miss Tracy and Shelby... so many of our favorite people! Later on, Miss Hayes and little Laci stopped by to celebrate with us too. We're just sorry that not everyone lives close enough to be able to share in special moments like these.

Our theme was a jungle theme with orange and lime accents. That carried over in to the carrot cake decorated for the adults, and the "smash cakes" decorated for Connor and Kate. Boy did they enjoy getting their hands in to those cakes!

The kids did great and didn't even cry (much) with all of the big people being around and singing Happy Birthday!

I can't believe a year has almost passed.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Parlor Tricks

We've taught Connor to answer the questions "what does a lion say?" with the response of a growl. It's so cute when he does it! Kate's trick is that she shimmies and dances to music when ever it plays. Both cute little "tricks" to show them off!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Got Milk?

We tried mixing Kate and Connor's formula today with a little milk (2 parts milk to 5 parts formula). Stay tuned.... hope it goes ok!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

He did it!

Connor stood up all alone tonight for the first time. Yeah Connor!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Winding down the weekend

After so many activities this weekend, it was time for folks to start leaving. Nanna, Poppa, Uncle Noel, Cousins Michelle and Lauren and Aunt Shirley came to by our house to say good bye.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Canadian Thanksgiving

We made a huge Canadian Thanksgiving dinner for the birthday girls' dinner.

Turkey, sausage stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, peas and onions, pumpkin pie, carrot cake, caramel apple cake - EVERYTHING we love. Turns out Kate and Connor loved most of it too (except the desserts, where I'm still holding out on them).

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Football Dinner

Uncle Ross was certain that we needed to watch U of F beat LSU on TV Saturday night. It was a big match (if you follow SEC football). If you don't (Noel, Michelle, Anne Maree and James), it was probably a long day.

Regardless - we had a fabulous time being together and eating BBQ. It turns out Kate and Connor like pulled pork and sliced beef, along with corn (OFF the cob, thank you) for their dinner.

The ladies (and Connor) do lunch

The gang met up for lunch in town. It's quite the production to take Kate and Connor anywhere, but having so many loving hands sure helped. Next, we went over to Phipps Plaza for some shopping. The twins had never been in Tiffany's before, but they didn't seem to impressed.

What did tickle their fancy, though, was the DJ playing Justin Timberlake music at Nordstom's. Kate (and even Connor) started "dancing" in their stroller.

Aunt Anne Maree and Uncle James

The party started picking up speed with Aunt Anne Maree and Uncle James arriving in town late last night. After getting reacquainted with the twins in the morning, we were ready for the big day ahead of us.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The 50th birthday weekend begins

The gang started assembling today. While Nanna and Poppa have been in town with Great Uncle Noel and Cousin once-removed Michelle since Tuesday - I hadn't seen them yet! Not to say they didn't come see the twins - I just wasn't home to see them. So, they all came over, along with Uncle Ross and Aunt Roxie, and Uncle Chris. The twins did great while we grilled burgers and had a big salad.

For once in my recent life - I have to say no pictures were taken. Shocking, yes I know!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I sat next to little Fiona (and her lovely Mum Alison) today at the Children's Shelter Board Meeting. What a cutie! She's just a few months older than Kate and Connor - so it's fun to see where the twins will be in a few months. Maybe Kate and Connor will be ready to play with her at the Spring Strides of March 5K this coming year.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dan and Lark come to visit

Dan and Lark came to dinner tonight. We planned it so the babies would be up to play a while before bed time. What fun we had!

Kate wasn't sure about Dan at first, but he soon won her over with "blanket rides." Thanks Will! Connor was an easier mark. As long as Lark had the fuzzy blue blanket, he was a sweetie.

Connor and Daddy put on a show with holding Connor upside down and on his head. Kate isn't the only dare devil in this house!