Thursday, May 27, 2010

We're officially 19 months old!

I thought I'd try to reflect on what the twins are up to these days. They amaze Hugh and I every day in the things they have somehow learned.

Current words that we hear a lot in our house are: Momma, Dadda, car, car, car, ball, bye-bye, baby (pointing to my tummy), and sometimes please (closer to "peez").
Even though those aren't a lot of words that they say - they understand most everything these days. We've resorted to spelling words to minimize some potential tantrums.

Yes, tantrums. Since Connor and Kate can't express their frustration, they mostly either stomp their feet or lie down on the floor and kick their arms and feet. We mostly try to ignore it, but every once in a while it makes me laugh a little.

Kate and Connor run around the house and rarely trip or fall. The can walk up and down the stairs (if we hold their hands), or slide down on their tummy with no help if they prefer. They have tried to learn to jump up and down - but it doesn't go so well yet. The hands go up in the air, and the knees bend down, but we never actually get the feet up off the ground. Connor especially loves playing Ring Around the Rosie, but Kate doesn't get the "we all fall DOWN" ending. She wants to stay standing and keep going in the circle. One of the funnier things to me is how much Kate and Connor love dancing to any music they hear. Any TV commercial that has music is a big hit - with the two of them bopping to the beat.

Our big entertainment these days is running around in the backyard. Kate will fetch most any ball we throw for her. Connor, though, has some confusion about this game. He usually is too busy picking up a rock or a stick - so he can't decide if he should put the rock down to get the ball - or just keep the rock. The rock seems to win out quite a bit.

Favorite toys in the house are the remote control, the stuffed Airdale dog, the stuffed pink and purple dolphin, and the huge stuffed polar bear. Books are a must - all day and night. The kids especially love us reading Panda Bear, Panda Bear, and Polar Bear, Polar Bear. Some other little books about counting Frogs on a Log are popular, and Dr. Seuss books are starting to kick in. From all of this reading, Kate and Connor can point to the correct colors and animals in a book.

It all amazes me how smart their little brains are and how fast they are growing!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time for our 18 month check up (at 19 months)

I'm a little behind most everything these days, including Kate and Connor's 18 month check up. Regardless, it was a great appointment (except those wicked 2 shots at the end). Don't they look cute waiting to see the nurse? We figured as long as they have their lovie and pacie, we could get through most anything.

Doctor B said they are just "lovely" - of course! She was very impressed with their socialization skills and thought there development was perfectly on track. I think she was also very please to see her practice growing (with our #3 / little girl clearly showing)

Connor is now 33 inches tall (75%) 25lbs, 10 oz (50%) and his head is 49 cm (90%).
Kate is now 31.5 inches tall (50%), 24lbs, 9 oz (60%) and her head is 47 cm (75%).

Friday, May 21, 2010

It's a .....

...Girl! We just had an ultrasound today and the doctor confirmed that we're having a girl! Her weight is 11oz (right on track) and her heart was beating at 157 bpm. Her anatomical scan looks perfect. Oct 15th (a lucky date!) is still our estimated due date.
It turns out it was May 21st 2 years ago that we found out that the twins were a boy and a girl. Something special about May 21st in our family!

Hugh and I are very excited. Kate and Connor are (in the cutest of ways) clueless.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Saying Bye Bye

For the first time this morning, Kate and Connor actually followed me to the door and said "bye bye" to me as I was leaving for work. While they have been waving good bye, and (even cuter) blowing kisses good bye, my breath was taken away to hear them actually wave and say bye bye to me. So sweet - I could just eat em up!