Friday, October 31, 2008

We came home from the hospital

It was a long day today. After getting Connor back from NICU yesterday and with his sister Kaitlyn in our room - we finally got settled in. Only then did we realize that it was time to go home tonight. We started getting ready around supper time, but waited till the 8pm feeding before calling for the nurse to give us the discharge paperwork (which we promptly lost) Only then did we realize that Mom had to have 2 shots too!

Anyway - by 9:30pm we were in the car for a quiet ride home. I guess our precious babies love a car ride - as they were quiet as can be. The car seats were lovingly installed by Dad earlier in the week - so we knew our precious cargo would be safe all the way home.

Oops! We forgot it was Halloween. Poppa turned on the house lights to welcome us home. That was sure nice - but then the doorbell started ringing with trick or treaters. Uh-oh - no candy at our house - so OFF went the house lights.

We had a chance to put the babies in their bassinets for a little while, After one more quick feeding, the babies went upstairs to spend their first night in their crib together. Fortunately Nanna and Poppa took the 2 middle of the night feedings, so Mom was able to recover from her surgery and rest, while Dad caught up on some much needed sleep too.

A really perfect first night home!

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