Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Connor goes to the NICU

On Tuesday morning, after being in transitional care for about 20+ hours, the Doctors finally decided that Connor should go to NICU for some extra monitoring. Mom and Dad are broken-hearted that their babies can't be in the room together with Mom and Dad - but we know you will be well cared for in NICU.

Kaitlyn is doing great and is able to stay with Mom in our room all day (except from 11pm til 6am when you go off to the nursery so Mom can rest and recover).

So many friends are coming to meet you and celebrate your birth! Both of you are all the talk of the nurses on the floor. Even at a hospital known for delivering so many babies (20,000 per year), none of the nurses can remember when twins weighed so much! You are so big!

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