Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ideas for baby names....

Cousins Emily and Olivia sent some suggested baby names today week which was really sweet. I especially like Alec and Jane, but the babies names have (mostly) already been picked. Here's what Emily and Olivia suggested....

Alec & Jane

Alec - Of English and Scottish descent. Diminutive of Alexander, meaning ʻdefenderʼ or ʻheroʼ. Jane - Of English descent. Feminine of John, meaning ʻgraciousʼ or ʻmercifulʼ.

Diana & Anthony (Di & Tony/Andy)
Diana - Derived from the Indo-European word meaning ʻheavenlyʼ or ʻdivineʼ. Anthony - Of Latin descent. English form of the Roman name ʻAntoniusʼ, meaning ʻworthy of praiseʼ.

Alison & Benjamin (Allie & Ben)
Alison - Of English and French descent. Related to Alice, meaning ʻnobleʼ. Benjamin - Of Hebrew origins. Pertaining to ʻson of the southʼ or ʻson of my right handʼ.

Sophia & Brian (Phia/Phi and Brian)
Sophia - Of Ancient Greek descent, pertaining to the word ʻwisdomʼ. Brian - From Celtic origins, meaning ʻstrong oneʼ.

Isabelle & Lucas (Izzy/Belle[s] & Luc)
Isabelle - A French name derived from the Hebrew ʻElizabethʼ. Meaning ʻGodʼs promiseʼ or (belle) ʻmost beautifulʼ. Lucas - A Greek name derived from ʻLukeʼ. Meaning ʻLuminousʼ or ʻWhiteʼ.

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