Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baby Names - the final call

After going through over 150 names EACH for a boy and a girl, Hugh and I have finally narrowed the list down to several favorites. Yes, I had an Excel spreadsheet to track and sort it all... is anyone surprised???

We like the idea of naming the boy Hugh after Hugh's father, but then we don't know what we'd end up calling him (certainly not Huey). I'd like the names to kind of "match," but I've heard it's helpful if the names start with different letters (for monograms, school backpacks, etc). We like the name Katherine for a girl, but want her to be call Kate, not Kathy. We want name that are popular (so people can spell them), but not TOO popular. We want names that have an Irish heritage, but aren't TOO Irish. A lot of constraints!

Here's our final short list...

Connor James and Kaitlyn Jane
Hugh and Katherine
Joshua and Jenna
Lucas and Logan
Sean and Samantha
Colin and Courtney
Mason and Madelyn

We think we're going with Connor and Kaitlyn, but we'll wait to meet them in person tomorrow.

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