Wednesday, October 22, 2008

False alarm!

Week 36, day 3

We had a Docs appointment yesterday. I was in quite a bit of pain with some contractions and round ligannet pain and swelling, so of course my blood pressure spiked to 150/85. They decided to roll me over to the hospital to be admitted for observation.

As an aside, the Hospital is Northside and they deliver 20,000 babies per year (3rd largest in the US). There is a tunnel that connects my Docs to the hospital, so it was easy to get there.

Anyway, once I got to the hospital, my blood pressure went right back to normal - of course. They put me on IV fluids to stop my "irritated" uterus - which was giving me some of the contraction pains. Mostly, I just hadn't slept well for many nights, so I just felt poorly. The best news was, though, that the twins were thriving and still moving around a practicing breathing. Amen!

My OB Dr. Wootten was ready to deliver the bambinos, but the perinatologist Dr. Feng really wanted to wait till 37 weeks - Monday. I told them if they could get me comfortable, I would try to wait till Monday. So, a little percocet, a little darvocet and ambien - and soon I was asleep and comfy.

They discharged me this am with Rx for sleep and pain meds - so now I'm on bed rest at home for 5 days. Not too bad. Can't wait to meet the little ones next week!

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