Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Last day in the office

Week 34, day 2

I've been tele-commuting for the past week or so. I've got a great home office set up for me in our bedroom. I can keep my feet elevated while I work on the PC and have ready access to a printer/fax. With so many meetings that I can take via conference call - it's been working very well.

I had several goals to make before I started leave from my job at Home Depot. I had hoped to make it though all three of the baby showers, the Atlanta Children's Shelter annual Achiever's Dinner, my October update with my boss Carol and to gete the babies to 5 pounds each.

Well - today - we accomplished all of those goals. The showers were terrific (although I'm still writing thank you notes), the dinner was great (although speaking in front of group when I was so large was tough), the babies are now at least 5 lbs, and my update with Carol (in person) went great.

So - from now on - I'm just tele-commuting only. No more visits to the office. I'm so grateful to have Tom Sweeney to be my back up while I'm out. I know he'll do a terrific job and my team will step up and handle everything with incredible professionalism. All is good.

And now I can rest!

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