Monday, December 15, 2008

Stephanie visits

Stephanie came to meet Kate and Connor today. She is 31 weeks pregnant with Kaylee and looks terrific. I can't even fathom how active she is given how far along she is in her pregnancy. She is still working out doing the elliptical and walking. Wow - she's a high energy lady! I guess she's also making up for lost time since she had such a tough first trimester with really bad morning sickness.

Stephanie stepped right up and held Kate and Connor both. Of course, the babies had just eaten and were kind of sleepy. She asked if they are always this good. Well - almost always!

I think she'll be a great Mom to little Kaylee. I know Stephanie, John and Kaylee are in good hands since she also sees the same Doctors at Atl OB/GYN (Dr. Wootten, Dr Sharon) and also goes to MFS neonatoligists. She'll even deliver at Northside! Can't wait to meet Kaylee.

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