Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Family dinner at Brio

Aunt Anne-Maree gave us the gift of time together this year. She hosted a dinner in Buckhead at Brio Italian Grille. We had a great dinner with Connor and Kate dressed in their Christmas outfits. Nanna, Poppa, Aunt Shirley, Uncle Michael, Cousins Kevin and Lauren were there - along with me and Hugh.

Just when I though we had it all going on, I realized that in my fabulous diaper bag we had bottles, formula, burp clothes and bibs - but NO NIPPLES! Uncle Michael to the rescue! He ran out to Publix supermarket and bought to nipples to help us make it through the dinner without a meltdown. While it was a totally different brand and system - we improvised and the babies were soon enjoying their "meal" at the same time the rest of us were. Crisis averted!

And it was especially sweet to see both Hugh and Michael doing so much of the baby feedings. Who said men weren't in touch with their sensitive sides?

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