Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Later, we cruised by Costco. This was my first shopping expedition with the twins by myself. I didn't have it all planned out - but it worked. People were very nice to me and a sweet lady let me go in front of her in a long checkout line... she said you never know when babies may have a melt down.
Note to self: You can't push a cart when you are pushing a double stroller. bring something to hold the groceries in that can attach to the stroller.

Then, still going on good luck, we went for the twins to meet Dr. Mitchell-Leef. She and the staff (Nancy, Mary, Stephanie, Bonnie, and Tonia and "the ultrasound ladies") were all so pleased to meet the twins. It was fun having their footprints made in purple and orange ink on the big art board where they celebrate all of their success stories. These are indeed success stories!

Tonight, we started trying to work towards a better sleep routine. I'm sure it will be a mess for a few weeks, but we better start now.

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