Saturday, December 13, 2008

Meeting SANTA

It has been a long day. I woke up at 6:45am (after waking up at 3:00, 3:30, 5:00, and 5:30am feeding babies) to start the day. First, a quick shower. Nothing like running hot water to make me feel like a human again. I commit to taking one of these so called "showers" every day. Well - at least I promise to brush my teeth if I don't get around to the shower.

As I get out of the shower, I hear the twins crying for breakfast. After a quick feed that takes me until 8:15am, I realize I need to get the twins in to their new Merry Christmas outfits. Drats for not thinking to take off all of the tags last night. It took me FOREVER to take off all the tags. What manufacturer puts on all of these little tags anyway???

Little Miss Princess (Kate) decided that she had enough of me twisting her arm (literally) to get her in to her outfit and her sweater (courtesy Aunt Martha and Uncle Tom) and squawks the hole time. Connor just sleeps and waits his turn.

Finally - we head out the door to walk (in 29 degree temperature) up to the clubhouse to meet Santa. Wonder where the reindeer are hiding? Maybe they are out back eating some hay and taking a rest. Vinings Estates is a long way from the North Pole.

Since we arrive so early, the nice ladies organizing the breakfast (including dear Tisha S.) get us to the front of the line. Wait - there is no line.... no other idiot is here at 8:59am. Oh well - Santa is very dear and is willing to hold both Connor and Kate at once. I told Santa that we already have all we need this year! We are blessed indeed.

When we get home, Dad takes a few pictures of us by our stockings that Nanna brought for us. Aren't we CUTE twins???

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