Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trouble, trouble

Do you ever have that feeling where it's just a little too quiet? Kate and Connor were playing after dinner in the family room. They were behind a chair so I couldn't see them, but I could hear their little giggles and the patter of their feet.

But then it was quiet. I stood up to inspect. Of course it was quiet - Kate was crawling on the carpet. Now, if you've been at our house - you know that is a slight problem...since we don't have CARPET in the ROOM. It's the STAIRS that are carpeted and she was climbing up on them. She made it up the first stair all by herself before I found her and retrieved her.

Note to self: The gate at the bottom of the stairs doesn't stop babies if it's not engaged.

So - I stood very closely behind her to see what she would do. She actually crawled up to the 4th stair before I just had to pick her up. Little imp!

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