Thursday, August 13, 2009

Farewell to big brother Noisey

After 18 years on this planet giving love and affection to all (especially those who thought they didn't like cats), Noisey died today. He had been ill for so many years with tummy problems, but the past few weeks and months had become very hard for him.

Though Kate and Connor never got to spend too much time with their big (little?) older brother Noisey, I know they would have loved him very much. I found a picture from earlier this year when they were all playing together. We always said that Noisey liked the "hairless cats" (that's what we thought he would have called Kate and Connor).

I can't begin to say what Noisey means to our family. Especially to Grandmother Jane - who has always had a special love for him, and had devoted herself to taking care of him since the twins arrived. He was a terrific Grand-cat to her and we are so appreciative of what she did for him.

Noise-man was a very special kitty and our family will miss him dearly for many years to come. Give Libby a big gum-rubbing for us Noisey - we love you.

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