Tuesday, August 4, 2009

9 Month check up

Doc B's appointment was great this week. As always, they just love seeing the twins and fawn all over them. As Hugh always asks, "Did they appropriately ooh and ahh over the babies?" Of course, the answer is a resounding yes!

I brought Doc B's book to her office and asked her to autograph the book for us. she did, and dedicated it to Kate and Connor. Very Sweet.

Connor is now 29 inches and 18lbs, 8 oz.
That's 50% on height, 85% on head circumference, and 20% on weight.

Kate is now 28 inches and 17lbs 7 oz.
That's 30% on height, 50% on head circumference and 25% on weight.

In other words - PERFECT!

Connor has had some mild "tics" with his head during his last diaper change of the day. I figured he was just being overly tired or just exploring new motions. Doc B is not worried about it at all. She says to only let her know if it progresses to be his head AND his shoulder. Connor must have thought better to shape up, since it hasn't happened since.

Life is good indeed.

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