Saturday, August 15, 2009

Meeting up with Melissa and her brood

Melissa and I met in Breast-Feeding for Multiples class. She delivered Jack and Olivia 8 days before I had Kate and Connor. It's been fun keeping up with how each of our babies are developing. They go through so many of the sames things, and Melissa and I each have the same types of things that we are trying to figure out (as new moms, and as new moms of twins).

We played for a little while on the ground. The twins were all a little slow to figure out it was ok to run around - so there was a lot of snuggling and hugging going on to get the twins settled in.

After a while, we went over to the bucket swings. Jack and Olivia are old hands at playing in the bucket swing and got in to the groove right away.

Kate LOVED it too (especially when you pushed her up high). Connor is still a little anxious about going to fast - so we just kept it mellow for him. Lot's of fun today!

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