Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aunt Anne comes to visit

Anne came over to see how the babies are doing. This time, Kate and Connor just freaked out. I guess the stranger anxiety is coming on stronger. It's hard to call it "stranger" anxiety when Anne loves them so much.

Anyway, after ignoring the kids for a little while, and then by playing a little peek-a-boo with them, they both came around and warmed up to Anne.

What finalized the deal was Anne giving the twins "blanket rides." They LOVE jumping on a blanket and waiting for someone to drag them around the floor.
Sometimes, the twins even just jump on a blanket (or stuffed animal) and wait to see if it's going to move. Too funny.

Another current favorite is pulling up the edges of the brightly colored foam floor mats.

They have quite nimble fingers to pick up each edging piece (and put it in their mouth). Of course, Hugh tries to deter them (to no avail).

While I'm thinking of favorites, I have to write down one of the silly songs we sing to get the twins in a good mood...
(bouncing her sitting up on your knees facing you)
Here comes Kaitlyn, riding in to town
Here comes Kaitlyn, don't fall down
Here comes Kaitlyn, riding in to town
Here comes Kaitlyn, FALL DOWN
(and then drop her down between your knees)

Kate and Connor both just love the "FALL DOWN" part!

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  1. I'm going to have to try that blanket trick! I can just see it now...Savannah running around the house with Gage in tow holding on for dear life!