Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our first Thansgiving

Today was a big day for us! First - we had a BIG surprise this morning. Mommy and Nanna were feeding us in the breakfast room when the doorbell rang. Poppa got the door and told Nanna that she had to put down the babies and come to the door. Well - Aunt Roxie and Uncle Ross were there to surprise all of us! They flew in from Halifax to meet us (ok - and everyone else too). Right behind them were Aunt Shirley and Uncle Michael (Michael keeps a good secret), and our cousins Kevin and Lauren. Two steps behind this part of the family - and up comes Uncle Chris! How fun to have so many of Mommy's brothers and sisters here to coo at us. If only Aunt Anne-Maree could be here (but she'll be coming soon).

A few hours later, Daddy's family starts showing up too. Grandma shows up with our kitty-cat Noisey. Noisey is staying at Grandma's until we learn to roll our and make sure he doesn't smoother us with love. Aunt Martha arrives next (although Uncle Tom has an upset tummy today and can't come). Then Aunt Anne and Uncle Patrick arrive, and Aunt Ruth and Uncle Gar - along with cousin David.

Everyone is here to celebrate our FIRST Thanksgiving. Mommy and Daddy keep telling everyone about their double blessings. I guess they mean us!!!

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