Sunday, November 16, 2008

Amy makes us look so handsome and pretty

Amy Barnett came over to shoot professional portraits of Connor and Kate today. I was amazed at how mobile she is, since she is pregnant and due to deliver her son Gage in 2 weeks. I know I certainly couldn't move like that 2 weeks before delivering the twins. Then again - she reminded me - I had almost 15 pounds of baby I was carrying.

It took us a while to get settled in. Not Amy - the twins! Connor wanted to sleep through all of the shots, and Kate wanted to scream through all of the shots. Somehow, Amy managed to get some fabulous shots of our beautiful babies. Does pee show up on camera? Turns out it doesn't.

I really love the pictures of their little hands and feet, as well as the one with me and Hugh holding each of them in the palm of our hand. So tiny!

Hey - did I tell you our babies are beautiful? Yeah - I know we're biased!

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