Saturday, November 29, 2008

Football weekend and first dinner out

We went over to Aunt Shirley and Uncle Michael's house today. It was tiring, as we had 3 different football games to watch.

We had Florida vs Florida State first. Georgia played Georgia Tech. It was sad that Georgia had to lose, as Uncle Michael and Daddy weren't pleased. Uncle Ross and Aunt Shirley were happy that Florida drubbed FSU. At least that was good for someone. Mommy wasn't surprised, but an un-beaten Alabama team beat Auburn in the Iron bowl. We wore our lucky Auburn bibs - but it didn't seem to inspire the Tigers. Let's get em next year!

Later - we went out for our first dinner "out." We all went to Pero's Italian restaurant. All the adults had pizza, but we didn't get anything but pacifiers. Ok - Mommy had bottles ready for us - but we weren't too hungry. Maybe eating out will be more exciting when we can order from the menu!

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