Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First pediatrician's visit

Today is our first pediatrician's visit. We have to get you to Doctor Avril Beckford's office at 1:15pm. Even though the office is only 5 minutes away, Mom and Dad have to get ready so early in the day since this is our first real outing with each of you (and Mom's first time leaving the house since you were both born). We just don't even know what we'll need with us!

Connor - now that you are 9 days old, you have gained one ounce and now weigh 7lbs, 13 oz. Every one says how handsome you are. We think you look like your Daddy (and you sure make some cute faces when you are hungry).

Kaitlyn - you are still right at your birth weight 6lbs, 15oz. You are a more delicate eater and certainly let us know when you have had enough formula (you purse your lips closed). Doctor B. told us how advanced you are as you showed off by doing a 90 degree roll on the table.

Doctor B. pronounces you both healthy as can be and says that we can wait a full month before we need to bring you back. Great job my precious babies!

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