Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our "not to exceed" date is Oct 27th

30 weeks and 4 days

The neonatologist visit is always exciting, as we get ultrasound peeks of the babies. The Doctor says all is great. Our little boy is estimated to be 3lbs 9oz and the little girl is 3lbs 8oz. That's 60th and 55th percentile for single babies - so nice and big for twins. Oh - and already more than 7lbs of baby I'm lugging around with 6 more weeks to go.

The heartbeats (148 and 149) and amniotic fluid were terrific, and I'm not dialating at all. My first blood pressure reading was a little elevated (systolic), but they took it again 30 min later and it was fine. Both of the twins have full heads of hair (we just don't know what color).

The little girl finally let us have a glimpse of her face (she is facing my back). It seems that she has really wriggled around, as her back/spine is now high up across the width of my chest, high up in my ribs. That explains some of the rough heartburn I've been having. We couldn't see the little boy's face since he is now just so intertwined with her - that there was no way to get her feet and legs away from his face to get a peek.

We've now received our scheduled C-section date of October 27th. I call it the "not to exceed" date - as we all know that babies will come when ever they feel like it! Since that date is Aunty Betty's birthday - it would be a nice touch - but time will tell.

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