Sunday, September 28, 2008

Breastfeeding for multiples class

33 weeks

I went to a breast feeding for multiples class today. Probably the hardest part was Hugh getting gas for the car (due to gasoline outages from the recent hurricanes in the gulf of Mexico).

Once I got there, there were several other nice ladies and everyone in the class was having one boy and one girl. Kind of fun. Madeline was our Board Certified Lactation Consultant. To my pleasant surprise, she isn't one of those ADAMANT La Leche ladies that I feared. She seemed to be very normal and balanced.

Of all the ladies there, Madeline picked me out as needing to get ready to go to the hospital soon. She kept asking me if I had my bagged packed yet. Guess I should do that this week.

Anyway - it looks like I'll try to do the football hold and the cross hold to fee these little ones. Let's hope it all works!

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