Saturday, September 20, 2008

Getting ready for the shower games

Hays and KJ have spent a lot of time getting ready for this shower. Nancy has also been a big help by putting together a game about how well do you know Susan. Here are the questions and answers...

Where was Susan born? New Zealand / Havelock North
Susan is the youngest of how many children? 5
What is Susan’s maiden name? Cantwell
Where did Susan go to college? Auburn
What company does Susan work for? The Home Depot
Where did Hugh and Susan get married? Atlanta (Central Presbyterian Church downtown)
What is Hugh’s nickname for Susan? Suz
What sport other than tennis do Hugh and Susan enjoy together? Skiing
How many “bag tags” does Susan have on her tennis bag? 11 (my favorite one was for good sportsmanship)
After a day of playing tennis, would Susan rather cook dinner, order take-out, or go out for dinner? Cook
What is the name of Susan’s cat? Nosiey
What is Susan’s favorite pregnancy food? Cheddar Cheese
What is Susan’s actual due date? Nov 17th C-section date is now Oct 27
What colors did Susan pick for the babies room? Green and Yellow
The theme for the babies room features what THREE animals? Froggies, Snails and Turtles

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