Monday, February 7, 2011

Meet the Neuro Doc

After a week of waiting, we were finally able to get in to see a pediatric neurologist for Connor. I'm glad Hugh and I can go to these appointments together. While I just KNOW that Connor is going to be perfectly fine, it would just be devastating to be alone and try to process any potential bad news.

Connor liked the Doctor's office because they had tons of books and toys. In the exam room, they even had this cool plastic box that folded and unfolded in all kinds of shapes. Just the thing to keep him occupied.

We finally met with Dr. P and he said he isn't exactly sure what is happening, but that he though Connor had "extra energy". After trying 3 times to clarify what he was saying (English isn't his first language), I finally gave up. He ordered the EEG - which is what will tell the story. He recommended we defer doing an MRI until we see the results of the EEG. Considering that the MRI has risks due to the sedation, I think that makes sense. The EEG is scheduled for Wednesday - and that can't get here fast enough.

It turns out that we also needed to do an EKG to make sure it wasn't Connor's little heart sending confusing signals to the brain. We was such a sweetie to lie perfectly still while they hooked him up for the EKG. Great news - no problems detected on the EKG!

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