Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kylie's 4 Month check up

Today was Kylie's 4 month check up with Doctor B. Doc B's new office is much bigger than the old office, and they had only been there for 2 days - so things were running a little late. It turns out that Little Missy doesn't like to be kept waiting by anyone - so she was quite upset while we waited (and waited). Dad did all he could to keep her calm.

Eventually we settled in and got to see how Kylie was doing on her diet. It turns out that while she looks "cherubic" to me, so is actually back on track with her weight. She is now 24.5 inches long (60%), weighs 15 lb. 2oz (50%) and has a head circumference of 42cm(80%). In other words - perfect! Kylie is now off the "wold's most expensive formula" and is used to just a fussy baby formula. Amen for the savings - it's only about a third of the cost. We were able to do that since her colic ceased right at 13 weeks. Can I have another AMEN!

Doc B has a lovely bedside manner and told us that we have the "perfect recipe" for beautiful, confident children. I suspect she says it to every parent - but some how it seems so sincere when she says it to us.

Kylie's eyes are still a beautiful blue - just like Connor's were at 4 months. She drools just like him, and has sweaty feet just like him too. In other words - she's her brother's sibling for sure!

Kylie is on a terrific schedule these days. She wakes up at 7:30 in the morning for a bottle and has a 2 hour nap in the morning and afternoon. She has her last bottle at 9 or 10pm and then is down for the night (no fussing at all!) Not too bad. She still isn't a big fan of "tummy time" and hasn't shown signs of rolling over yet - but we know that's coming soon. Also, we can feel teeth buds in her gums - but none have broken the gums yet.

Mostly - she's just a happy baby and loves to smile and coo when she sees her family. We are blessed indeed!

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