Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Connor gets checked out

We finally were able to get the EEG done today to see what, if anything, might be causing Connor's issues. We were instructed to make sure that he was sleep deprived before the appointment - so you can only imagine how fun a tired, cranky 2 year old with little sleep can be. Oh well, Connor was a good sport and trotted off to the Doc like the little lamb that he is. Having his paci and lovie helped immensely.

He started to fuss when the technician started to placing the 21 electrodes on his head - but she quickly figured out the magic. She whipped out a portable DVD player and a Dora DVD. Problems all solved. I think she's done this once or twice before! Connor was mesmerized and settled in like a trouper for the 25 minutes that the test needed to run.

I don't know anything about EEGs, but doesn't that graph look good to you? Time will tell - we get the official results on Monday.

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