Sunday, November 15, 2009

Uncle Chris and "Uncle" David come over

Uncle Chris was in town from a Contra Dance in town this weekend. He made a stop by to see the twins before he had to head back home to Chattanooga. Kate and Connor were sure glad to see him.

We then receive another call from our dear friend David. He was driving back in town and wanted to come meet the twins. It was so good to see David as he's been fighting to keep his good health. I'm sure being the loving Dad to Eli and Elizabeth (now 12 and 10) helps keep him going.

David was an early Santa, showing up with a Little Tykes Truck and a Leap Puppy Pal named Violet (stay tuned for many pics of her to come). It's our first toy that comes with a USB port to hook up to the internet. After a few minutes on-line, Violet now knows how to say and spell Kate's name, know that her favorite food is a banana and can sing some of her favorite songs. Very cute!

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