Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kate is better and all is well!

Saturday came and went with absolutely no throwing up. YAY! We can tell Kate is better because her little personality is back. I feel so blessed to have this episode behind us.

Kate has decided that she's really hungry today - so we have lot's of graham crackers as snacks today. Connor has finally figured out how to bite off just a piece of the cracker (vs trying to stuff the whole thing in his mouth). What this means is that I don't have to break the cracker up in to so many little pieces. Yes! Kate is a more delicate eater and has known this approach for quite a while.

Not to be out done, Connor is figuring out how to use the tippy cup. He holds it steadily and is able to drink from it while only having a few little dribbles. Kate tries to do this, but seems to think it's ok to hold the cup upside down. Oh well - we have plenty of paper towels.

These babies are awesome - unless you're trying to get some work done, but they still want a cracker. How can you be upset???

And for those of you who think life is all milk and honey, I can help burst that bubble for you. As precious and as perfect as I think Kate and Connor are - they have their moments. I thought I'd take a few pictures to remember this side of them too.

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