Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jacqueline and William come to visit

Jacqueline is a very special lady who is dear to us. She was our angel nurse who helped us to have Kate and Connor. Since then, she received her own little blessing too - William.

William is just 6 months old and he's already a lady killer. He has the most beautiful big brown eyes. Hugh and I were very impressed how he played nicely by himself for 20 minutes at a time. Amazing - since in our home the twins fuss if they are not the center of attention or being held. Note to self: we need to work on that!

Kate and Connor thought all the activity was all mildly interesting, but watching 2 new mom's chat about kids didn't entertain them nearly enough - so they scurried around and made trouble. It's not nice to have your 1 year old girl try to steal the pacifier of her own brother AND our little guest - but that's exactly what Kate wanted to do. Finally we found 3 pacifiers so everyone had one and there was peace at last.

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