Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1 year check up

Thank goodness Kate and Connor had their 1 year check up today. Certainly, it was overdue... but more importantly - little Kate was giving us a scare. She's been vomiting since last Saturday. We hate that she can't tell us what's wrong. She has no fever, but is just lethargic. You know Kate is under the weather when she lets you snuggle her for more than 5 seconds. This week - long snuggles were no problem.

So - the check up. I couldn't go this time as I was out of town on business. So, Hugh and Tracy had the honors.

Connor is now 30 inches tall - 60%. He's just 21 pounds, 8 oz, putting him at a scrawny 40%. Of course, his head remains a big egg... 70%. Overall - Connor is great. OK - WAS great until he got 5 shots today. Ouch!

Kate is now 28 inches tall - 20%. She weighs 19 pounds, 13 oz - 25%. And she must have a lot in the brains dept to, since it's larger at 50%. Kate was feeling poorly to start with - but when she got her shots she was an especially pathetic camper. Doc B thinks that Kate is on the backside of this tummy bug, and we hope she is right.

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