Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One Year Old - looking back

A year ago today we began a special journey. Hugh and I feel privileged to have Kate and Connor in our lives.

Yes, life is much more hectic - but it's filled with much more love and meaning. Look how much they have grown in the past year!

The twins are on great schedules as far as eating and sleeping. They go to bed at 8pm, and sleep until 7:30am, and still take 2 two hour naps. We still give them 3 8 or 9 oz bottles each day, but now it's half formula and half whole milk. They also eat a full breakfast, lunch afternoon snack and dinner. They eat pretty much anything we do, except no peanuts or shellfish.

Kate has such the little personality. I said she was high energy and she is always on the go. If I recall correctly, it was Baby B (Kate) that was always kicking and moving while I was pregnant. These days, she's still able to take charge of the situation with Connor since she is a few weeks ahead of him in walking. Kate loves to walk over, grab what ever toy Connor is playing with, and walk away with it (only to discard the toy in 2 seconds). She also chases Connor around and tackles him when she catches up to him. We've tried to tell her that paybacks will be bad on this front.
Kate is also a great little eater (and FAST too). She'll eat pretty much anything you put on her plate (except kiwis and oranges). She recently realized that if she doesn't want to eat something, that she can fling it over to Connor's high chair. In return, she has also figured out how to grab food off his plate. Cheeky monkey.

Connor is so different. He is calm and seems to be thinking through everything before he does it. He's more tentative and wants to watch activities before they unfold. He loves being tossed around in the air and upside down, but still doesn't like to ride in the swing.
Connor is turning in to something of a more picky eater. He eats very slowly, and waits to see if any better food is coming along before he begins eating. While he eventually eats most things, he still doesn't like limas, green beans or turkey. Go figure!
Connor is still appearing to be a lefty - so I'll be interested to see if that stays as he grows up (it would make him a great doubles tennis player!)

We haven't gone to their 1 year well check up appointment yet, so I'm not exactly sure of their height and weight. It seems that Kate is still a little more petite in height and weight, while Connor is closer to average or taller on height and on the slim side. Kate is wearing 12 month clothes, whereas Connor is starting to now wear 18 month closes too.

Send lot's of love and prayers to our family as we grow together.

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